EXHIBITION and information


Ceres Gallery NYC 13 National Juried Exhibition

Ceres Gallery is please to announce our13th National Juried Exhibition. Juror Sara Softness joined the Brooklyn Museum in 2016. She currently is Director | Exhibitions & Collections, The Walther Collection Project Space, New York, NY.Softness picked 38 works by 28 artists to participate in the exhibition. Close to 200 artists from around the nation entered our open call with several entries per artist.


RAM Annual Invitational National Juried Exhibition, Fort Smith, AR

The theme of this year’s open invitational is It’s alive!

Merriam-Webster defines ‘alive’ as: 1. Having life; not dead or inanimate. 2. Still in existence, force or operation. 3. Knowing or realizing the existence of something. 4. Marked by alertness, energy or briskness. 5. Marked by much life, animation or activity.

This exhibition will explore the beautiful and diverse subject matter It’s Alive. Flowers growing in a field, children playing by the ocean, depiction of a feeling, a piece of trash flying through a post-tornado breeze…anything that evokes the feeling of It’s Alive will be your focus for this year’s Annual Invitational.


BARnstorm, Ellensburg, Washington

Building on a 12-year history of successful art exhibitions and projects across the Northwest, PUNCH Projects presents Barnstorm 2018 – the second in a series of pop-up exhibitions activating rural spaces in unexpected ways with art, music and creative installations.

In an ongoing effort to further bridge the urban rural divide coupled with our desire to promote artwork that is smart and new, PUNCH has temporarily transformed the Bluestone Garage into an art event-destination. Our mission is to illuminate and shake up our own familiarity and expectation with what may have previously been a forgotten and underutilized space, and breathe new life into it.

Works for BARNSTORM were selected based upon an international call for art. While several of the participating artists are local or regional, much of the work comes from out of state, and in some cases out of country. BARNSTORM continues a series of events exploring and experiencing the curious space that exists between contemporary aesthetics and rural living.