Beauty and elegance with a little grit. I take discarded and found and visual images and transform them into new meaningful sculpture, paintings and collages. I juxtapose the item with ideas and objects they normally would not be associated with. Constructing sculptures using salvaged architectural and building materials. I place it in abstract patterns and shapes to evoke a wide range of emotions from viewers. My Sculptures use reclaimed wood and architectural salvaged materials in every-way possible. I bend, nail, paint, saw, drill, soak in water, and screw and nail it together. I meditate and experience my emotional, hopes, hurts and dreams  and transform into visual subconscious cues. I engage the viewer to see something  meaningful, engaging, aesthetically pleasing and original. My non representational paintings ask the viewer to question our society's preconceived ideas about themselves and their spirituality. I make collages with contrasting images to humanize marginal groups of society. My art is impromptu and chaotic while leading viewer eye to experience organized lines, shapes, and colors. I look for the deepest meaning possible executed with grace and beauty. Contrasting hard and soft, smooth and rough, dark and light, gives me pleasure.