Art Statement: My hands actively integrate burst of carefully planned colors, using the domestic art technique of crochet, layered over completed paintings. I explorer and unite a conglomeration of materials, yarn weights, needle sizes, and stitches, creating intense texture and color relationships. Presented asymmetrically, I reconceptualize crochet as an intuitive, authentic art medium.

The texture and color of the fiber interlock in a series of knots. The crochet work is stretched and mounted over the painting, translucent between stitches. The colors of paint and texture of the yarn meander and explore, leading to stimulating, vibrating color, then to calming hues. As the pigments reflect, they absorb and transmit different wavelengths of energy, producing a variety of tones, hues, shades, and depth of color. Layering crochet over the painting intensifies the textural sensory experience to evoke childhood memories of handcrafted domestic items.

Women practice domestic art to express love and to care and nurture others with labor-intensive handmade textiles. I salute women who have participated in the unrecognized art forms of fibers and textiles. My work is a recognition of the broader place of textiles in society. Historically, the clothes we wear have communicated, defined, and symbolized social class, race, and authority. However, the role of women as the creative power behind their development and the ones who made the clothes has largely gone unacknowledged.

Unapologetically, I take crochet out of the comfort of my home to recognize and celebrate textiles as high art and craftism. My work pays homage to all the woman before me that have lovingly created textile pieces and passed down their methods and practices to the younger members of their family. Textile art is a feminine icon that transcends race, class and national borders